About me

Hiya! My name is Scott Alexander Williams and this is my blog, built by me to store all my online projects, online ramblings, and anything else I want to share with the world.

I've loved computers and programming since discoving modding when I was in my teens. After getting my degree at the University of Southampton, I worked for a year in the United Kingdom before moving to Australia in late 2019 to enjoy the sunshine. After spending most of my time indoors due to the pandemic, I moved back to England in 2021.

Away from the keyboard, I spend my time working out, practicing guitar, and playing video games.

Silly descriptors of me:

  • 104% perfect
  • Disappointed in Season 8
  • Keeper of the First Flame
  • Lover of map painting simulators
  • Not the wielder of the Flame of Anor
  • Time Magazine Person of the Year, 2006

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