Southampton Game Jam 2017

Over the past weekend, I participated in a Game Jam hosted at the University of Southampton during which I helped develop from scratch a game in Unity with four others. The game was called Jesticles and its basic premise was to walk around outside a nightclub, stopping fights between NPC's, and directing the agents across the road onto a bus, hopefully avoiding them being ran over. The game name is derived from the Jesticle, a cocktail from Southampton's local dive nightclub Jesters. It was vaguely related to the jam's theme of Revolution since if you didn't act fast enough, a revolution would occur, ending the game.

Screenshot from Jesticles.
Jesticles: Politicians are stumbling out of Jesters determined to start a revolution- get them safely across the road and onto the bus!

The game was my, and I suspect most of my team members', first real experience with C# and the Unity engine and it was fun adding stuff and writing code to fix in-depth issues wherever it was needed. Though, I must confess, how Unity handles control flow and objects is quite confusing and there is no doubt that we did not follow best practices during this 48 hour project. Having said that, it was incredible enjoyable.

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