Xamarin Note Taking App

As coronavirus destroyed the world and sent everyone into social isolation, I decided to utilise the time indoors to learn Xamarin, a Microsoft .NET framework that allows you to create cross-platform Apps easily. I saw there was a Xamarin 101 tutorial online that talked you through creating a notes app, and, having walked myself through it, I found myself with the desire to improve the app in that tutorial further, since the tutorial app doesn't even allow you to edit notes! So I forked it and began my own version.

Screenshot of the main page of the app.
Screenshot of the main page of the app, showing a text box to create a new note and a list of already created notes. The layout was configured such that the save button will appear above the keyboard when typing a new note, thus allowing the user to more quickly save a new note.
Screenshot of an individual note page.
Screenshot of an individual note page inside the app. Here a user can edit or delete already created notes. Unlike in the main page, where the save button was moved to be more accessible, here I kept the buttons on the bottom. I figured that since there is no "are you sure" pop-up when deleting a note, it was better that the delete button required more effort to press.

Changes I made include: allowing the editing of notes; adding a timestamp to each individual notes which shows when the note was last edited; adding a title to each note which is the first line of the note or the first 20 characters, which is displayed in the notes list; adding the ability to delete notes; and restyling the app so its a bit more user friendly. There's still a few more things I want to do, like adding the ability to switch to a night theme and adding persistent storage, but I'm happy with the progress I've made and I'll try getting it to the app store soon.

Through this project, I hoped to get a better grip with C# and dive into the Xamarin toolset, and I'm pleased to say that that was successful.